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Feature Platform Cost(USD) Required
Single Application License Details
1) Required in order to publish or distribute your apps
2) Includes versions for both Android & iOS
3) Full access to the source code, with ability to modify
4) One-time license fee, can be updated and rebuilt an unlimited number of times
5) Any new updates to our core product that we develop, which includes updates
to support future versions of Android and iOS, are provided free of charge.
7) On a best efforts basis, we also support any issues that may be related to
bugs in our code, as well as anything that works in a mobile browser but does
not work properly within your Native Web Apps.
Android & iOS $ 149
Push Notifications Details
  • Native Push Notifications are an incredibly powerful feature. When selected, we integrate the Push Notification
  • SDK into your app which provides OneSignal's feature-rich, enterprise-class, push notification solution as part of your NativeWeb app.
  • Send push notifications to individual devices, groups of devices, or all devices at once
  • Send via the OneSignal web dashboard, or programmatically through their API
  • Optionally specify a targetUrl to open within your app when the notification is clicked, and many more features.
Android & iOS $ 99
Custom side menu Details
  • In this will add custom side menu in your app which look more like to native app
  • Menu will have Title, image and specifc page url
Android & iOS $ 499
AdMob Native Ads SDK Details
  • Custom development integrates AdMob Native Ads SDK into your app.
  • Ability to specify native banner and interstitial ads in set placements and on demand
  • Javascript API allows you to maintain full flexibility and control
Android & iOS $ 199
Document Scanning SDK Details
  • Custom development integrates native document scanning into your app. For iOS, we will be using a
  • great open-source library For Android, there is no good open-source library so we will be using a 3rd party vendor at.
  • On the Android side, we have negotiated good rates with vendor for commercial use. Please reach out for more info.
  • Features
  • Edge detection
  • Perspective correction
  • Auto-zoom
  • Auto-cropping
  • What's included:
  • Enables document scanning via device camera within your app
  • Javascript API allows you to maintain full flexibility and control
  • Custom development will begin immediately, and is expected to complete with 2-3 weeks
Android $ 999
Offline Download Manager Details
  • Ability to download files to device's storage with 100% online or offline access to those files.
  • Exposes access to local device storage either programmatically or via small UI.
Android $ 1,499
Premium Services
App Store Publishing Details
  • What's included:
  • On-device testing and IPA creation for iOS via TestFlight and/or HockeyApp
  • Preparation of keystores, signing certificates and provisioning profiles
  • Compilation and submission to app stores (Android & iOS)
  • Full-service publishing and submission service, including metadata, screenshots, etc
  • * You will have a chance to review your app and all app store data prior to submission.
Android & iOS $ 299
Full-Service App Configuration Details
  • Provide your website URL for conversion, and our in-house experts handle the complete
  • configuration to produce publish-ready source code for your apps
  • What's included:
  • Kick-off meeting to review your website and discuss any special requests for conversion
  • Optionally provide an app icon or other design assets, or we can pull from your website
  • Together with license and publishing, this provides you a complete "turn-key" solution
  • * Note: App Store Publishing not included, must be purchased separately if needed
Android & iOS $ 495
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