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 Please refer to our frequently asked questions section below for quick and comprehensive answers. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, feel free to reach out to us via WhatsApp or Messenger for further assistance. Our team will be happy to assist you.

Yes! Your app will present your website content similarly to how it is displayed in a mobile web browser such as Mobile Safari or Mobile Chrome. To try it out for your website click here to enter your URL and build your app for free in minutes! Most websites will display automatically. Some websites that require authentication and internal corporate sites may required additional configuration. Please review our documentation for more details.

Yes! App stores require that apps be designed for mobile use and that they provide features that offer more than a mobile website. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly with suitable text size and UI elements. Add native features and functionality using the Native WebApps app platform such as native navigation menus and push notifications. See our documentation for detailed tips on publishing your Native Web Apps customers can also use our publishing service to have our team publish your app on your behalf, with a guarantee that your app will be successfully approved.

Using Native WebApps you'll build an app that presents your mobile website through a web view. However, Native WebApps provides much more than a "website wrapper" as you'll build a stunning native app with advanced native functionality and features. You can add native navigation menus, push notifications from OneSignal and other push providers, and incorporate our premium native plugins to add functionality ranging from biometric authentication to In-App Purchases and much more. You'll also benefit from the Native WebApps build platform which has been supported and maintained since early 2014. As iOS and Android changes are released you can rebuild your app using the Native WebApps App Builder to maintain compatibility while avoiding the overhead that comes from maintaining your own code base.

We are continually impressed by the quality and functionality of apps created by our customers using Native Web Apps. If your website doesn't meet the requirements you have for your app consider a new web development framework that will enable you to add the required functionality. The costs of building and maintaining a web app are typically far less than a native app, and you will only have a single web app to maintain versus separate iOS and Android native apps. Also review our Native Plugins which provide a full native experience for many 3rd party services and device features. For instance using the Twilio Native Plugin will provide full-screen front and back camera video calling along with call interruption handling. And our native media player allows you to play audio with the device screen turned off and control playback via the native lock screen interface. Yes, you can build an app with Skype and Spotify capabilities using Native Web Apps!

Yes! We do our best to respond to all email inquiries as time allows. For priority support including technical support by phone you may purchase a professional support plan. Native Web Apps also offers eligible enterprise clients options for an SLA with guaranteed response based on incident severity. Contact us for more details on enhanced support options.

After the purchase of your license, you will receive via email a copy of your executed license agreement, and instructions to apply your license to your app. To apply your license, you will be asked for the iOS Bundle Id and Android Package Name you will use for your app store submissions. Generally, these identifiers look like com.example.app or similar. After applying your license, it is not required to re-download or re-compile your app. If you've built your app through our online build platform, you will also be asked for the Private Management URL for the app you will be publishing. This is the link that was emailed to you after building through our website at our website.